Wrote on April 19, 2023

This is the most interesting tour of all that I have had to plan. In the end, it’s almost guaranteed enlightenment All parts of the tour will take place in the highest mountain system in the world- the Himalayas. High mountain areas inaccessible to wars, social conflicts, and generally any […]

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Wrote on September 15, 2018

The Soul of Tibet Tibet is a place of spiritual awakening and pristine natural wonders. It is located in Central Asia and home to three million Tibetans. Many come from far and wide to discover themselves in the high mountains, sweeping dry plateau, and great river valleys of the region. […]

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Wrote on September 10, 2018

Food is probably the key factor in any activity- whether it is sport like bodybuilding, running, biking, hiking…as well as spiritual practices like yoga, meditation etc. We are what we eat and we function well as long as we eat well. So let’s talk about taking food high up in […]

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Wrote on August 24, 2018

What is your biggest wish? What would make you happy? Is it something that brings lasting happiness, or something you think will make you happy once your wish is fulfilled? Most of the time we tend to make wishes with the wrong motivation, and we wish for something that is […]

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Wrote on June 16, 2017

The root or the fundamental basics of a fear can be understood as an original algorithm, which is, in fact, one-sided from the standpoint of its understanding, evaluation, from the point of its presence in the human consciousness. A. Dosun The algorithm of fear is a certain platform, which comes […]

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, Wrote on April 01, 2017

First, let’s determine the concept of time… To me is a conditional concept, first of all, which denoting the perception of the duration of the course of events in the system of consciousness. Is determined at the level of sensations in the form of duration, continuity of perceived reality, movement […]

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Wrote on February 01, 2017

Consciousness is the greatest mechanism that embedded in a human being. It constantly changes and develops. It has the potential to completely dissolve in the great space of awareness. It has a several antennas- means of perception. It preserves the space around itself, it’s own concept and thinking, is a […]

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Wrote on January 19, 2017

Be your own Problem solver Have you noticed that most of the times whenever you get a problem a few more simultaneously come up? Why so? Because at the first place you reacted on the problem and as a result, your vibrational, level of happiness has dropped, and whatever karmic […]

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Wrote on November 01, 2016

What do you know about our Planet? Would you guess it has the in same structure as our bodies? Or better to say our bodies/subtle bodies have the same structure as the Earth’s, subtle structure of our Galaxy, the Universe… The law of Sameness. As our bodies have a subtle […]

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Wrote on July 01, 2016

What are the superfoods? Now days there are many discussions about so called SuperFoods? What are they? -Are the high quality, raw, organic mineral and plant based supplements. To me personally is easiest and healthiest way to nourish my body, boost energy, support immune and other body systems to prevent […]

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    The most sacred mountain in the Tibetan Buddhist world is also considered by many to be the centre of the universe


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