To Be Conscious of what?

Wrote on February 01, 2017

Consciousness is the greatest mechanism that embedded in a human being. It constantly changes and develops. It has the potential to completely dissolve in the great space of awareness. It has a several antennas- means of perception. It preserves the space around itself, it’s own concept and thinking, is a mirror through one sees the world.

How to develop it? Is called evolution when the consciousness develops its self until it recognizes itself. It first sees the outer phenomena, connects it to the inner perception of seeing the reality, one can start to realize the principles of that in the world. Understanding the way we see things will give a distance between outer and inner. You will see the way you created outer phenomena and the way you’re in the phenomena is the informant. You see the way is influencing each other. This perception is the way to become conscious.

You conscious of making changes, conscious of reacting and so on. By seeing with the distance you’ll feel slowing down the process of perception, you’ll have more time for reactions and conclusions. With the bigger distance, you can see the way the situation being created at the very first stage, until you, at some point, will return to the source of the reality- you’re realizing that this perception is none other than your own consciousness.

A consciousness that created outer phenomenon world is the same consciousness in its core, that can become conscious of itself…

How to get there? How to recognize everything as your own consciousness? – You have to learn to observe…everything from the outer phenomena to your own inner energies…You have to make a distance between your thoughts and beginning of its creation, between your reactions and its impulse, you have to see the reason, the sparks of it…

There are some Buddhists or eastern methods for making that gap…For example Watching the breath…just simply for 10-15 min watch your process of breathing…the way the air comes and goes from the tip of your will see the flow of the thoughts coming, all kinds of excuses, things you have to do, memories will be floating on the surface of your mind…just learn to stay with your breath, one-pointedly…   from there you will be able to perceive at its very basics that oneness… the way everything is being born within you…

If you have any interest in that subject, please let me know, I will keep posting on it with the more profound or complicated exercises for you to go deeper…happy to guide you there



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