Where does the time run?

, Wrote on April 01, 2017

First, let’s determine the concept of time…

To me is a conditional concept, first of all, which denoting the perception of the duration of the course of events in the system of consciousness. Is determined at the level of sensations in the form of duration, continuity of perceived reality, movement of objects, perception of color, smell, sound, etc. Continuation or sense of time is an extremely volatile or changeable parameter.

So THE Time is running because Univers keeps expanding, is constantly moving… space is constantly changing as well as time, as an inherent quality of time-space is always running…but where?

Since is all as we defined earlier, just a conscious concept marking the event is running to the recognition of the previous moment. Therefore every present moment is the moment of the past and in the present, we are just recognizing what we just had experienced/perceived.

Perception is the memory, is a hologram stored in our cognitive storage. In the moment of thoughts arising, we are sending the impulse to the consciousness for the response, it sends it out and hits either a program, imprinted in the space from where we get an answer as a concept, or it hits something that’s we already labeled the outer phenomena with, in return we get a concept again. In that way, we are just spinning around the same conceptual thinking.

Staying closer to “present moment” we get the less explicit conceptual framework, which gives us a chance to exit that endless ping-pong, it gives us a chance to reprogram our reality with the higher-end concept that is the way to develop and raise our conscious level, from where the time will run to wherever we send it to, with our focus…  

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