10 Wish fulfilling places that you probably have never heard of

Wrote on August 24, 2018

What is your biggest wish? What would make you happy? Is it something that brings lasting happiness, or something you think will make you happy once your wish is fulfilled?

Most of the time we tend to make wishes with the wrong motivation, and we wish for something that is impermanent, so we end having to take care of not losing what we obtained and wishing for even more etc. Endlessly spinning around…

Before posting this article, I went online to find out what the general public quotes to be wish-fulfilling places. I was quite surprised that none of those “famous” sites that help to manifest wishes are on my list. Then I realized that the reason for such diversity is in the type of wishes or our confusion or misunderstanding of being happy.

The places I’m going to list here are primarily known to be a power places, places on earth that are enhanced with a specific energy due to the prehistorical, geological, geomantic or even enigmatic circumstances.

Such places attract spiritual leaders and healers as they can feel those energies, and usually, monasteries and temples are being built on such sites to help people connecting through the outer place with their inner aspirations. A lot of those places are in Asia as Eastern religions are more into developing clairvoyance and connection with our subtle energy bodies, so they are more in-tune with a natural energy flowing through the planet.

As most of the below listed places where built or created with an in-depth knowledge of astronomy, sacred geology -energy flows throughout the planet, such places are considered to be the most powerful sites on the planet, giving a good chance for your wishes and thoughts to be manifested easily and quickly.

I have listed 10 of my favorite places on earth that meet concerning energy, spiritual power, and manifestation of wishes, etc. Frankly speaking, some of them are challenging to visit since they are located in areas that are hard to get to, or for being protected by the “local spirits, gods or other “powers”. It would mean that even if you get to the region, is not necessary that you will be able to get to the actual power place if you have a wrong motivation or egoistic reasoning behind your wish.

So please think carefully of what you are wishing on/around these places and what is your ultimate goal is. And be sure with the high aspiration the power place will not only make that possible for you to get there but it will find you, will show you the way and support you on all levels.

Number one place is a Mount Kailash.

Well, this one is easy to find, but from my experience, many people have the plan to go, but not many’ plans are actually being fulfilled once it comes to the point of going.

Kailash is a natural complex. Yet from the outside, it looks like a mountain, in reality, is a big pyramid with a strong magnetic field around it. The legend says that it was an ancient civilization, which had to leave because degeneration times have come, and they left a big crystal inside that Kailash mountain to uphold the vibrational level on earth. This crystal is the wish-fulfilling gem, as they say, and the four sides of the mountain-pyramid are representing four directions and four different realms of a Buddhas, each with a specific type of the energy, and its own story and manifesting qualities.

?I’d like to share here my first impressions I noted in my diary journal seeing the #mountain for the first time “Is surely not a mountain. I don't know what is it a #stupa a palace but not a mountain. And is definitely has higher vibrational level than our ordinary human existence have. We just saw it from afar but one could already feel its all pervasive presence. Amazing, that on Earth we still have something like that. I think due to the kindness of entities from another realm or civilization that we can't even perceive…” And what is more beautiful that I can still feel that power field, that vibrational piece of my memory till now… It changed my like once upon the time and it does for many… #kailash #kailas #powerplace #sacredplace #mystery #beautifulworld #buddhism #tibet #tibettour #mountaneering #piligrimage @pure_summit

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No one ever summited this mountain, later on, it became even prohibited to climb the mountain, according to the legend, only Gods are living up there. So all four Eastern religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon, and Jainism) worshipping the mountain making it the most powerful and holy place on earth. Each religion has their own reasons and ways to benefit while circling around that mountain.

There are places where one purifies all bad karma, all imperfections or difficulties. There are places where one’s heart flows with an energy of compassion. There is a place to reunite with one’s roots like parents etc. There are places where people wishing for a family fortune, for love, kids etc. And in general, the word is out, that making one circumambulation purifies one’s energies, bringing a new beginning to one’s life.

Second is Bodhgaya, India.

It used to be just a remote place where Prince Siddhartha (the historical Buddha Shakyamuni) was determined to stay under the Bodhi tree until he would realize the nature of all phenomena, and so he achieved full enlightenment. And later many of his followers had the same result meditating under that very same tree, which resulted in expanding the power field, making wishes to realize unconditional happiness, free from suffering achievable. That’s the basic idea of Buddhism.

Nowadays, Bodhgaya is a big complex of many Stupas (unique shaped monuments with relics inside), statues of the previously realized beings, small temples and shrine rooms. Hundreds of people are circling around the complex every day, sitting in meditation inside, just visiting, making their wishes in that Godly Realm, amidst of poor India.

?Behind me is one of a places of power called #Bodhgaya, is the place of enlightenment not only our historical #Buddha Shakyamuni but also all Buddhas that had and will come in the future… ?#powerplaces are the places on earth that are filled up with powerful energy due to the prehistorical, geological, geomantic or even enigmatic circumstances. ?Such places attract spiritual leaders and #healers as they can feel those #energies and usually, monasteries and temples are being built on such sites to help people connecting through the outer place with their inner aspirations. ? considered to be the most powerful sites on the #planet giving a good chance for your #wishes and #thoughts to be manifested easily and quickly. #bodhgaya #powerwishes #india #meditation #prehistory

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Manasarovar Lake is number three, is what I find my best favorite place in the world.

Every the time while being there, I’m magnetized by the lake, I can’t move away, there is only bliss where all thoughts are exhausted. Actually no, I had one thought, and that was about how to make it possible to stay there longer…, as the area is very controlled by Chinese and one can only come there as a part of a group. Then I made a wish to offer tours myself, guiding crowds and get for all of us the best out of that mesmerized place. This wish came true.

Manasarovar has known as a lake of bliss and happiness. Is a feminine principle of a Kailash, where Kailash is a male -vajra-diamond- like a mountain. As Shiva and Shakti, Demchok and Vajrayogini- Kailash and Manasarovar making a complete union of a Yin and Yang energies.

But regarding wishes and wishful filing energy, they are carrying some differences. Usually, a lake has all female related aspects. People come here to make love wishes, wishes to conceive a child, to have prosperity and long life for the family. Since another aspect of a Shakti in Tibetan Buddhism is deity Tara, she is known as a Great Mother of all beings; she is a protector of mothers, kids, and motherhood in general.

When I traveled there last time, I was told to get a fish for one of my friend who couldn’t conceive a child for a long time. Usually, locals sell dried fishes there for that purpose and if women eat a piece of that fish, she will conceive at last a healthy good fortuned child and will heal any reproductive system decreases. My Buddhist Master out of all holy objects he could request me to get for him asked just some sand from the shore of that lake.

Number Four is Boudhanath – wish fulfilling Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal.

It even has that name “wish-fulfilling”. The story goes that it was a very poor family and the mother wanted to build a Buddhist stupa, but at that times it was neither possible to get funds nor the king’s permission for the land. Yet for some reason, the King agreed and she started the construction. She died, and her four sons continued the job, once it was done, they stood up and made some wishes for the benefit of others and the world. The power of accumulated merit was so strong that all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (those who achieved enlightenment with an aspiration to benefit all sentient beings) surrounded the Stupa making the energy field. At that time the oldest brother wished to become a king of a Snow Land (Tibet). The second wanted to become his minister to help to spread the Dharma (Buddhist teachings). Next son aspired to become an abbot to pass on the lineage of ordinations in Tibet, and the last son said: “May I become a powerful yogi especially during the time of obstacles to spread the Dharma in Tibet.”
In theirs next life the oldest brother became the Tibetan king Songsten Gampo, he was a Dharma king who had two princesses and brought the statues of a Shakyamuni Buddha which is nowadays in Jokhang (our next listed place). The second son became a minister of Tibet – Padma Gungsten. The third son became a famous abbot Shantarakshita and the last son – the most excellent yogi ever known in Buddhism Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche.

There are many other stories related to this Stupa, and, in fact, the power field since then become even stronger as many great Masters and Yogis as well as lay people coming up there, making prayers, aspiration wishes and circumambulations around the stupa supporting the idea of happiness and prosperity in the World.

Number five is Jokhang temple, Tibet.

An ancient temple in the center of a Tibet’s capital Lhasa. Jokhang means “House of Buddha” or “House of the Lord,” and the whole idea behind the power of that temple is a Buddha statue inside the temple.

The story tells us, that the king Songtsan Gampo (I was talking about earlier in Boudhanath Stupa story) build the temple and a life-sized (5 foot/1.5m) statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha of age 12, (locals call it Jowo Rinpoche). It was given as a gift to the king by marrying the Chinese princess Wenchen during the Tang Dynasty. Since then, is believed that this statue has the power of a Buddha Shakyamuni himself and seeing and circumambulating the statue has the same power as seeing the Buddha.

To me personally, it made the most potent influence among all monasteries I visited in Tibet. And honestly, the place was too strong to carry any wishes, so just pure aspirations for all sentient beings flown through my mind.

Six is mount Belukha, Siberia, Russia.

This beautiful mountain is a giant glacier, which has the property of a crystal, being a big transmitter. It transmits through itself the energies coming from the bowels of the Earth passing through the glacier. The other stream of flow is cosmic energy, coming from the top down.

The legend says, that once upon the times it was a Kingdom of Light of a higher dimension built by wise beings, that Kingdom is called Shambhala. Later, after the cyclic “winds of change” brought the times of disaster and karma of all living people degenerated, meanwhile the motivation and pure intentions denigrated, causing the Kingdom no longer visible to us.

Nowadays the mountain and its surrounded area still hold that energy and on top of it cleanses the lousy karma of those who come in the distance of 100km to the mountain. It said, there is a Gate to a higher dimensional palace just there, and the energy of transformation can still be found by those with a good karma and every time I go there I encounter somebody is in search of it. I personally never saw it and honestly never looked for that experience, since I was not sure if I’m ready to change my dimension. But the power is definitely there, the teachings would always arrive through dreams, while staying for a couple of days at the bottom of this mountain. Also, it is one of the most beautiful places I ever saw.

Seven is Ajanta Caves, India

Is another fantastic very old energy concentrated spot on our Planet. It consists of the monuments of about 29 caves cut out of the rocks; they are about 40,000 years old (yet Wikipedia says much younger). Back then, it served as a portal to travel to other dimensions for those ancient civilizations like Hyperboreans, etc. Later on, as Buddhism got established, realized buddhist masters found the energy concentration and flows, and integrated the monuments to meet the needs of practitioners, to help to develop meditative concentration and other abilities.

Why are they in my list of wish-fulfilling places? Just because the energy flow that is there, helps to transform our thought formations in the form of a wish, causing a faster creation and manifestation in material reality. That was one of the original purposes of the caves. Of course, the wishes were different back then and most likely very high-end oriented, nevertheless, the function of transformation is preserved to its origin nowadays.

Eight is Bali Island

Yes, it is the whole island, because of the diversity of different types of benefiting places, that are spiritual and supporting health, inner awakening and wish-fulfilling properties.

I’ll list a few of them: Elephant cave Goa Gajah, is a meditative cave with various Hindu relics inside, the tombs of Gunung Kawi of a king called Anaka Wangs. There are 9 huge 7m long tombs that are cut out of the rock and also nearby located caves of the ascetic monks. The springs of Tirta Empul and Holy hot spring Air Panas Banjar. The retreat center of Borobodur- Arama. Goa Lawah cave and its 25 meters long tunnel towards the volcano. The beautiful Puri Taman Soekasada Ujung Karangsem Water Palace and another water palace called Tirta Gangga.

Bali is an energy Island with a great combination of ancient temples, springs, and a variety of good healthy foods, amazing healers, feasts and joyful people. It is hard to say where exactly where to encounter your power spot to make a wish, but once you are there, you will definitely find one, it will attract you or even call you.

Nine is Muktinath temple in lower Mustang Kingdom, Nepal.

This is, actually, my number one get away place for meditation, for charging my “batteries” staying in a drilling inner and outer silence. It is at a quite high altitude of 3800m, so even thought formations can’t get up that much high, keeping my mind crystal clear where everything settles down and clarifies.

There is a temples complex, known to be one of the holiest place in Nepal for both Buddhist and Hindu. It has 108 natural springs and when one bathes under all of them to purify all external and internal obstacles, making wishes connecting to the natural elements and asking the local powers to help them to accomplish the fulfillment. It is not so much of a place to make love or prosperity wishes, but a place to find balance, find meaning in life, to find or set up a long-term goals and a way to stay centered. And again, this place is one of the most beautiful and the most spacious sites, yet with a strong presence of the winds and energies of the earth.

Arkaim, Russia is number ten.

This place has a similar structure to Stonehenge in England, being built of a megalithic stone circle. It is sometimes referred to the Russia’s Stonehenge, some of the most interesting Neolithic monuments stand within the borders of the former Soviet Union. They are considered to be one of the most important and enigmatic archaeological sites in northern Europe. Arkaim is the remnants of an ancient settlement, which is essentially a village, that was fortified by two large stone circular walls. The site is wrapped in a ancient legend story of a Hyperborean civilization, who built that “city”, which is estimated to be as old as 20,000 to 40,000 years.

It has long been known, that Arkaim was built based on astronomical observation; therefore it is even called to be an observatory. Stonehenge allowed for, and possibly may still allow for observations of 10 astronomical phenomena using 22 elements, whereas some archaeo-astronomers claim that Arkaim allows for observations of 18 phenomena using 30 elements. This essentially means that specific event in the sky could be observed and tracked by using the site in particular constellations and from different positions, making Arkaim offer more observable events than Stonehenge. Being so connect there with the stars, the elements and the natural forces, being closer to the source of the Universe as well as your own, you can places your deepest wishes there.

With the connection to all that places, wishing you to visit all of them and fulfill your foremost heartfelt wishes.

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