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13 or 19 Days
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Altay is said to be the second Tibet for its connection with the Shambhala Kingdom, the Kingdom of another dimension which is promised to be open for us in the near by future or may be it already did for those are liberated from the Wheel of Samsara. As legends say the Shambhala Gate located around the most beautiful and the highest mountain of Siberia – Belukha (4506 m) or to be precise in the Yerlu valley, where Alexander Makedonsky himself spent several months receiving teachings from the Lords of Shambhala. Despite the spiritual significance, Altay for us is one of the most breathtaking places on Earth. Is the Land of contrasts with deserts, the high peaks, deepest caves, and lakes. Plus is almost untouched and pure.

This journey begins along the main water artery of Altay – graceful Katun towards the foot of mysterious and majestic Belukha- continuing to the glittering glaciers and snowy peaks of the gorge Aktru.

The whole Belukha Mountain’ area has a quality to transmit to a person/his consciousness certain impulses, frequencies, algorithms, which awakens, helps to uplift the body/subtle body’s frequencies, expand the heart center and understanding. Here we begin to transform its algorithms to the extent of our possibilities that are necessary for our life-changing experience, for our path.

Our inner world could contain some imperfections, problems, bad habits, ego programs, mental constructions, etc. All of those in the Power Places like this somehow have a great chance to disappear, dissolve, melt and become completely new states, transformed.

It’s enough to stay near the mountain for 4-5 days to change your condition, to modify the vectors of your directions, your thinking, state, which that influence the future. Ultimately this space reorients us to constructive thinking, directs us to the state of joy, bliss, creativity, enlightenment. Yet it can act on each person differently- like a teacher- some need a carrot, some need a stick to learn the lesson.



The tour starts and finishes in Novosibirsk (Russian Federation)

Note! District of Katun ridge is a border territory. Therefore documents for per- mission must be sent 2 months in advance before the trip (foreigners only)

1. Arrival in Novosibirsk airport in the morning. Organizational issues (immigration registration, selection and equipment testing. Departure at 4 pm.

Arriving to the campsite near the village Chemal. Approximately at 11 pm. Dinner at the local restaurant. Overnight stay in cabins or tents at the base camp. (electricity, drinking water, WC)

2.Tour to Chemal hydroelectric, walk along the scenic trail along the river Katun. From the high, rocky coast opens a great view of the mountain land- scape, meandering flows of the river with islands and coastal cliffs (walking tour 4 hours). Free time. Overnight at the base camp.

3.Departure at 7 am. After check post, we will drive to the village Tungur on the Katun’s shore. Overnight at the base camp in the tents. (electricity, drinking water, WC)

4.Today we start an active part of the trip. From Tungur we walk up or possibly drive to Kuzuyak Pass (1513 m) to Plato “Three birches”. From where is a beautiful hike along the river Akkem. We are near the waterfall Tekel to where we will (10 km) hike (optional) during the free time in the evening. Tekel waterfall is one of the highest (60m) water cascade in the Altai Mountains is very powerful and beautiful. Overnight in tents on the bank of the stream Akkem.

5.Hike from waterfall Tekel to the famous Akkem Lake (2100 m) along the river Akkem. (hike 15 km) Easy trail. Along the way, we will enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountain range “Katun snow capped”. Overnight in tents on the shore of Akkem Lake.

6. This day we stay on the lake. Will have a few hours walk towards Akkem glacier along the river through the rocky moraine towards the ice cave. Will come up to the observation Plato at the grotto of the glacier, where the river Akkem originates. Is also possible to access to the glacier and walk on it. In good weather spectacular view opens over Akkem wall and both tops of Belukhas – Western and Eastern.

7. A day trip to the “Mountain Spirits Lake” ( 2600m). This lake is on the south-eastern branch of the valley Kara Oyuk (Black Stone). According to the legend, at this place spirits of the mountains abide, one can feel it’s presence in the majestic silence of the alpine valley.

8. A day hike to the valley Yarlu. This valley is an ancient well-recognized power place. At its center is the unique white stone, which said to be an energy flows concentration point. According to legend, at this place entrance to the legendary Shambhala is located. The slopes of the valley are multicolored and by to the play of light, it manifests thousands of different shades and colors. One can spend hours watching the show, charmed by incredible aura magnetizing valley.

9. Today we are visiting “Seven Lakes” Valley. The Valley has seven lakes of different colors – from deep blue to light turquoise: they are known to be a human’s seven spiritual channels (chakras). The valley is located in the zone of alpine meadows with blooming edelweiss, which forms its unique combination of fabulous colors. This valley offers a wonderful view of the Belukha’s massive face wall and Akkem wall. Where above the valley rises the peak Ak-Oyuk (White Mountain) with a spectacular overhung glacier.

10. A day hike to the pass Karaturek (3060 m). The pass opens the observation of Akkem Lake, all tops of Belukha mountain, Yarlu Valley, and Akkem Valley. The Pass is technically simple (1A), but the trail at times could be quite steep.

11. An extra day in case of a bad weather.

12. Today we heading back along the Kucherla River. Through the polychrome rock paintings towards the Tungur village. Russian Sauna

*At this point, we either complete the journey and come back to Novosibirsk (Day 13)

or continue to the further itinerary

13. Drive to the village of Upper Uimon. Visiting the Museum of Nicholas Rerich and Museum of Old Believers (Ancient Orthodox). Dinner at the local restaurant. Sauna optional (not included). Overnight at the base camp.

14. Departure at 7 am. Moving from the village Ust-Koksa to the village Ku- rai, 430 km. The road goes through the mountain pass Chike-Taman (1295m) stern and majestic. On the pass, there is an observation platform. After this point landscapes and atmosphere of the Altai changes. It becomes more severe, more wild, more ancient and graceful. At times road sneaks through the narrow ledges, carved into the rocks, meanders, and narrows in a way that it feels there is no further way out… than road suddenly straitens and runs towards an open wide space cutting through the valleys. The space itself here feels illusory and deceptive.

One of the best places here is–the confluence of the Katun and Chui. From the observation, located on a high rocky platform suddenly opens a huge space where far below two fast- flowing mountain rivers unite. And further up at the horizon line are an amazing snow- capped peaks of the North-Chuysky ridge shine.

We slowly moving from Kurai alpine base camp to Aktru (2150m). Overnight in tents.

Aktru gorge cuts deeply into the mountain range of the North-Chuisky Range and by the old, but well-preserved road, in few hours we get up to the very heart of this charming snow- capped mountains.

Ice-mounted pool Aktru contains five glaciers, which you can see from the natural observation platforms, along with the gorge.


15. We are camping for three days here and the plan is to climb or visit one “beauty” a day:

The first “beauty” is the “Blue Lake” (2840m) is a small glacial lake located in a cozy recess of a moraine. The lake water reflects the sky and a weather; it changes from light turquoise to a dull gray. There is no vegetation here. Only gray stones and white mountains that surround you on the shore of a tiny lake. You can feel close, searing breath of the glacier. The lake is the last reference point- further away are the only countless ice lands.

16. Today owe go to the “Green house”. Vast high plateau of the Kupol mountain is the observation platform from where (in a good weather) opens an amazing view on beautiful Aktru (4044m) and other snowy peaks of that gorges.

17. On the last day here we will come up close to Small Aktru glacier. One could see how this huge glacier sharply falls at the bottom, forming powerful ice- fall and is a small river underneath it, which then flows into the big river Aktru.

18. Today we are leaving Aktru alpine camp and driving down to the village Kyzyl-Tash from there back to Kyzyl-Tash – Kuray- and Novosibirsk.

19. Arrival to Novosibirsk in the morning. Free time. The city tour is possible by the request. Transfer to the airport.

Ust’ Koksa is the well-known village for the herbal medicine tradition. So if you would like to learn how to harvest herbs for teas and medicine -we will be happy to accommodate you, connect you with the traditional Slavic healers, so you could spent a quality time of your last days in Altay in silence, contemplation and a deep connection to the Slavic herbal tea tradition and cultivate a skill which you could keep for your family lineage


Tour Leader and Tour Operator

Price Information

INCLUDED: All food supplies for the active part of the route (14 days); Ambulance box;  English-speaking guides; Registration of all permits and approvals; Transfer from Novosibirsk airport – Chemal – Tungur – Ust-Koksa –Ku- rai – Novosibirsk airport- RussianSaunainUst-Koksa(once); Accommodation along the way in the tea houses/ resort tents (with an access to electricity and drinking water); Group camping equipment (tents, gas equipment, equipment for cooking etc.).

EXCLUDED: Medical insurance; Visa to the Russian Federation; Meals on the road and during the stay at the base camps, restaurants; Food supplies emergency transportation by horse(which is available by request in the first part of the trip); Rent of personal equipment (sleeping bags, personal tents, hiking gears).

Please note

We will not be responsible for extra cost incurred by landslides, road blockages, and other weather-related or political problems.

You are responsible for your own health. Our arrangements are designed to allow sufficient time for acclimatization.

We assume you are prepared to share rooms/tents with others, regardless of gender.

Visa and passport information

Russian Federation Tourist Visa

To apply for a single, double or multiple three-year Tourist visa, an applicant should submit a completed visa application form,  passport, one standard picture, money order, as well as:
– Confirmation of the hotel reservation, confirmation of reception of the tourist, and register number from the Uniform Federal Register of the Tour Operators of the Federal Tourism Agency.

The Consular Division of the Embassy also has the right to call the applicants for an interview and request, if needed:
• a bank statement from the applicant;
• a statement from the employer regarding the applicant’s wages for the preceding year/ half year, or month;
• medical insurance valid in the country to be visited and fully covering the period of the first trip;
• documents regarding the applicant’s ownership of property in the country of his citizenship;
• a certificate on the makeup of the applicant’s family.

Complete this form if you want us to contact you 


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  • 1. Will i be thought on how to harvest Siberian herbs on that tour?

    It is not a prime target of the tour, nevertheless, your guide will show you some unique Siberian herbs of that area, will teach you some specifics of harvesting it and give you some basic information on medical usage and application. If you wish to receive deeper knowledge on it, please request the extension (see the itinerary extension) of that tour that focused on herbalism and harvesting those.

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  • 2. Why Belukha mountain is the power place

    Belukha as any big glacier has a property of a crystal in a way of accumulating and transmitting energy. That particular area 100-125km around that mountain is known to be a Shambhala kingdom related area, where thousands of years ago used to be a great Light magical kingdom, years later due to the involution of our planet or degeneration times, that kingdom is no longer on the surface of earth yet has it's holographic properties and imprints that can be transmitted to everyone who enters in a right way with the right motivation the area. Is a big topic and we will discuss and feel it during the tour

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  • 3. Are there any meditations connected to the power place of Altay scheduled on the tour

    Yes, we are planning a mini-retreat during the stay on Akkem lake (near the Belukha mt) those are to enhance the connection with the power place, invoke our own powers and to integrate the new energies to our system

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