Hi everyone, my name is Katya

I grew up in the family of mountaineers and travelers.  While at the University (MA in Tourism Management, 2007), I traveled frequently and guided extensive tours in the mountains of Siberia, Altay, and Mongolia, worked as mountaineering and skiing guide for 6 years and volunteered to teach survival and orienteering courses to students.

A very big part of my life since 2004 is practicing Tibetan Buddhism since then I’m extensively participating in meditation retreats and courses, staying for at least 3 months a year on retreats (Nepal, India, USA).

I moved to the USA in 2007 –  Alaska, then New York and Midwest yet still traveling all over the world for multiple long-term stays in the Himalayas.

My Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices are rooted with old Tibetan Lamas as well as with western teachers. Since 2004 I’m an n active member of non-profit Buddhist organizations where I’m volunteering and sharing my meditation experience.

Feeling the effects of meditation I’ve got the idea to integrate the energy of Power Places, body-mind’ openness in adventure tours with traditional and integrated methods to enhance and develop well-being and awareness. I truly believe this combination could help to achieve amazing life results. We all wish for happiness in our lives and want to develop strength and a power to handle the challenges of life but it is something we need to learn to train. Happiness is a skill and life’s view is simply a projection of our own mind. I’d really encourage everyone to take responsibility for own happiness and try to discover the gateway to it. I think Pure Summit has to offer amazing programs with the high potential to get the desired effect whether it is your physical, mental or social goal. We are bringing up an experienced team of practitioners, teachers, healers – those who’ joy and love for life are just contagious, who is able to love, inspire and uplift in the longer run.  

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