We are happy adventurists, travelers, meditators, healers and life lovers…and we want to share it! We put our efforts together to help you to reunite with the most precious but sometimes hidden- your great potential of love, bliss, happiness, harmony and joy combined. Sometimes it takes a while to recover it back to life, to some it seems impossible- That’s why we are here- to bring it up to the world. We create it based on that qualities.

What are the methods? Directly and indirectly teaching the view, life force, motivation, harmonic and joyful way to any activity. Working with the body, supporting and nourishing it, understanding it, working with the subtle bodies and energy flows. Being wise, loving, joyful and creative!

Some programs teach of resting in the awareness of the present moment and better understanding the “mind-body” connection. Some of our programs encourage strategic risk-taking and personal exploration. In some you will not be offered a tour guide but a guidance to find your own inner powers and strength to guide yourself through the situations, challenges, and obstacles. Through some you will learn to feel and heal your body, to work with the energies flows and the way to maintain the fresh and healthy lifestyle. The goal of all this is to naturally build confidence, and the ability to skillfully live the life, to understand who you really are and the way to sustain in that understanding.

Explore the programs and see if it’s something you want to join or contact us with your great ideas!

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Unconditional Love

What is the difference between love as we know it and unconditional love? It is a question which we will uncover during this programs … we will discuss and practice to love, accept, give, receive and share.. until we find the precious key

Bliss & Happiness

We’d emphasize that tours for women, those Devine feminine is waiting to be awakened, true sexuality waiting to be awakened, true mother, wife, lover, daughter, is waiting and wishing to be awakened.

Freedom & Joy

Freedom from conceptual thinking, a fearless approach in the high-end adventures yet enough adrenalin boosting points to fight the idea of self and others… if you get there the real joy is yours


Harmony is the quality of all qualities combined…is the center and periphery at the same time…is the time zero point from where everything is possible…



    The most sacred mountain in the Tibetan Buddhist world is also considered by many to be the centre of the universe


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