What are the Power Places?

Wrote on November 01, 2016

What do you know about our Planet?

Would you guess it has the in same structure as our bodies? Or better to say our bodies/subtle bodies have the same structure as the Earth’s, subtle structure of our Galaxy, the Universe… The law of Sameness. As our bodies have a subtle energy channels/ meridians and chakras, powerful spots, sensitive spots- in the same way, the Earth does. I feel is important at least to know about them and to use given energy for our own healing, growth, and development.

The places of Power are the places of strong energy flows entering through the grid of the Earth, and make very powerful tuning for changing the frequency of human vibrations. These signals resonate with the human frequency and contribute to the expansion of the area of perception. Depends on a person’s readiness, his physical body, the Anahata center, and another energy channels, are receiving higher tuning and the maximum energy intake. As a result, the frequency of vibration of the entire human system is increasing.

What does it give? – The more pure energy flown through the body, the less impure energy causing impure perception, impure flows of thoughts, leading to lower mental states, physical deceases etc. So the punchline here is to do whatever to keep the energy flows in the body as pure as possible and always aim to a higher the vibrational level. And one of the easiest way is to connect your energy system to the power place to recharge or/and purify.

The “Power Places” is a very interesting ecological phenomenon, are geographic zones, sometimes large, sometimes small, with energy fields that are important for people and their spiritual and healing work.

The concept of “Place of Power” is associated with increased energy, a special atmosphere of the area. Usually, that powerful spots attract the cultural and civilizational spiritual leaders to construct a place of gathering for people such as temples, monasteries, churches to enhance the spiritual practice and openness, we call that places holy or sacred places now.

Places of power attract people. There one can distract from everyday life, feel harmony with nature, and feel something inviting and incomprehensible … unknown to consciousness.

Some places of power are located in the nodes of so-called Crystalline Earth Grid. As the Earth constantly evolves, the Crystal Lattice, connected with the Earth’s Magnetic Field, shifts, and the places of power either move or fade giving rise to the new Power places. So, for example, Stonehenge in England is no longer a place of a power, whereas in ancient times wounded and sick people thirsted for healing from their ailments. Stonehenge was originally a burial place and remained so until about the middle of the third millennium BC. Mount Shasta, by contrast, is a relatively new strong place of power.

Now, let’s look at it on a deeper level

Earth (as a planet) is a multidimensional structure. It contains all manifestations of a multidimensional space. Depending on the structure of the crystal lattice of the whole Earth as a whole or its individual parts, its crust may dominate or, in some places, become weaker than the energy fields of certain spatial dimensions. So, “places of power” look like holes in dense spatial dimensions, filled with some sort of a thin energy layer.

Some sources define, “places of power” in terms “abnormal” or “geopathic” zones. This is not true. They are not anomalies or Irregularities. And the more so, the term “geopathogenic” zones does not fit all “places of power”, they are, in fact, very diverse.

Some which are selectively activate Anahata, or Vishuddha, or the anterior meridian, giving us bliss, some cause hypertrophied sensations of their “I” – “inflated” and arrogant, some produce causeless joy, laughter, there are places that produce aggressiveness, a state of “drunken embitterment” and so on.

Choosing the place of power to visit, one should keep in mind the negative influence by those different energy formations on a body. Some places, for example, are still carrying memories from the former wars or heavy historical events, still containing on its matrix emotional fields accumulated by people living through those events, which will automatically connect visitors the same types of worries, fears or emotions…So those types of a Power Places have a negative impact and fairly called as negative and either causes unwanted mental states or make the energy exhaustion from the body.

And if look at the positive side of it…

The first group is Places of Power containing an abundance of favorable energy, which they easily “share” with a person. This energy level of that types of a Places varies- somewhere it is so dense in a good way, so one can almost touch it, yet in others more subtle. Sometimes a narrow spectrum of energies dominates, differing by the criterion of “fineness – rudeness”, sometimes – broad. Not too subtle energy can be used by conducting it along the “microcosmic orbit” and sublimating in this way into more subtle energies, yet subtle energies can fill the body, making “crystallization.” This crystallization can be extracted directly from space at or around the Place of power.

The second group of positive Power Places is those that can activate energy structure of the body (chakra, meridian, etc.) and create through this a useful activation of emotional-volitional or intellectual functions of the body.

The third group is the Places of Power that work on the level of consciousness. This is the property that allows one to train mobility, “elasticity” of consciousness-energy, developing it, feeling oneself as an active, strong consciousness.

“Places of power” of the fourth group can be used to transform the consciousness (if it is already sufficiently developed) into another dimension. This too – like gymnastics for the mind. Freely moving along the entire scale of the “range of emanations” within a multidimensional space, to act at any distances.

The fifth group includes places of power that capture the favorable conditions of this or that person (or people). These are, for example, places of power formed in places of meditation or on the graves of spiritually highly advanced people.

There are many mysterious places on the Earth, full of mysteries and covered with a thick layer of “history dust”. Who has not heard of the Table Mountain, African Tafelberg in Africa (near Cape Town), Mount Shasta (Mount Shasta, USA, California), Glastonbury (England), the place Carnac (France) in France, About Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake (Tibet) or the pyramids in Giza … These famous places of power attract tens and hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, pilgrims, people on the path of perfection, clairvoyants, contactees, healers, psychics, cosmoenergetics …

…And there are so much we still don’t know about our planet, about what we are on this Planet, and what is the whole Body-Mind-Planet-Universal plan is…But we certainly will know just because we are to know and to accomplish it…

On the path of the search and discovery, more and more information will come just by that inner focus and we will connect to what we have to connect to…

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