Be your own Problem solver

Wrote on January 19, 2017

Be your own Problem solver

Have you noticed that most of the times whenever you get a problem a few more simultaneously come up? Why so?
Because at the first place you reacted on the problem and as a result, your vibrational, level of happiness has dropped, and whatever karmic stuff was there but didn’t come yet because it couldn’t catch you- now it can, you are reachable now
What to do? Go up again! Yes It is difficult, you still have this first problem and it get’s more and more complicated But that’s the only way …these few simple things might help:

1-Relax and release your mind, give it space (sauna, massage, looking into the vastness of the sky…whatever works)

2-Remember the Impermanence -you didn’t have this problem a while ago and it will go away anyway. It is not that solid as it looks, there is always a way which will appear because nothing is solid, everything keeps changing

3-Take responsibility. You are given this situation to learn something and no one to blame- when you are blaming someone, the situation is not in your hands

4-Think of others…or even watch movies like “Human” for example where hardships are much stronger- it might help to re-estimate your situation

5-Purify your energy channels – do some breathing, meditation, yoga or go for a run 6-Eat lots of fruits (or some dark chocolate) and share whatever comes with a wise friend 7-And Remember the Universe is ALWAYS in YOUR favor

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