Fear as a foundation to get rid of

Wrote on June 16, 2017

The root or the fundamental basics of a fear can be understood as an original algorithm, which is, in fact, one-sided from the standpoint of its understanding, evaluation, from the point of its presence in the human consciousness. A. Dosun

The algorithm of fear is a certain platform, which comes with any incarnation, in the system of the universe. If it is a destructive experience of passing through the incarnation, passing through the perception and experience of life, fear has several platforms, several modalities, several varieties, but all of them in a way represent a multi-level program, which is united in a single equivalent.

These multilevel programs are present in animals, in various species of mammals, which also undergo an experience, a certain incarnation path, in relation to the Souls, a certain stream of consciousness that goes from life to life, accumulating the experience. Therefore, if we talk about the algorithms of fear, it is the Soul that “chooses” those forms and those connections that later become fundamental and basic in the system of human perception. The algorithm of fear is a kind of functional platform on which other emotions are being stringed on, on the basis of perceptional systems, which later comes down to incarnations, as the perceptions of life experience. All these platforms, all these combinations, all these basic concepts are being installed prior to the incarnation in a sort of a “assembly shop” where the cell, the platform with its characteristics, its data, its features, its necessary development options, which are initially embedded in the system of incarnations being assembled. This process is quite complicated. It is long, but is necessary to describe, because is necessary and important to understand that fact and the presence of fear and the effect of this fear on a person during his life, during his growing up, during his accumulation of experience.

And once again – fear is the algorithm, the platform that emerges before the birth of a person, and its level of participation in the eventuality is a certain basic value, the consolidated presence of emotional compounds, structures that based on fears. As you know, everything, practically all destructive or negative values/coefficients, is based on fear…almost all of those desires, weaknesses, bindings that are subsequently given to a person, that he fight for and feel fear for its loss, change, for the change in its initial meaning. Therefore, fear is a multifaceted value that in its essence has not only fear of losing life, losing property, losing an emotional state, or a person, but actually in its origin, on the level of initial understanding, is a sort of an energy ring, than has a certain mathematical algorithm which circulates emotions, certain types of energy, which connects as links in a single chain, those values that later being defined as an experience, as the excitement, as different emotional haze of a person.

Appearing as the emotional manifestations in the forms of horror,  irritation, illness – all these forms are very far away from those original algorithms that are laid down initially. Therefore, if you imagine a tab, then there are about 170 types of different platforms of fear, which creates different types of likes and dislikes in different areas. It can be drugs, alcohol, property, etc. It can be a mixed combination, it can be a modified combination in the form of aggression, as a manifestation of a psychopathic disorder, etc. All these platforms were have well worked out and now are being given in the system of understanding of a future image of a human’s mental state, his main functional tabs.

In fact, from the viewpoint of human understanding, fear is even more obvious or well-manifested essence than hunger, than instincts, which are basic in the relation to Monada. By the way, if many people think that hunger and fear are the same, no – they are completely different. There are Monadic instincts, there are instincts at the level of the primary consciousness that manifest themselves precisely in the form of fear, aggression, and protection in relation to a person, to his state, to the environment. We do not distinguish between aggression and fear since aggression is a form of fear, it is a form of protection manifested in such an expression. Therefore, if we are talking about platforms, about systems that are laid down initially, then there are quite a lot of them.

It hard to understand it all,  those who specialize in these will study deeply the inner understanding of man, his states.

But by introducing these matters, introducing them into the future incarnational experience, the consciousness of evolution is based precisely on the fact, that getting in contact with the space of a destructive meanings, including the space of perception that represents this world,  certain levels will be achieved, that is necessary for obtaining those emotional states and experiences. Therefore, different platforms of fear correspond to both female and male energies, and, intertwined, they form fundamentally unified property.

Especially if fear becomes equivalent in relation to one source and value, for example, the fear of war or the fear of some kind of epidemic or fire, or some kind of disaster, this fear in the fields of consciousness can unite itself into an undulating and hyperbolic values, which by themselves represent a very great destructive energy for the other consciousnesses. This hyperbolic fear or energy can capture consciousnesses that are not even in a state of awareness or recognition. These consciousnesses are merging with this system of fear, connecting with it, and become an integral entity or the essence of the common egregoric field created by this wave.

Therefore especially the fear algorithm, as none of the others has the property of distribution in the fields of consciousness, it is a quality of proliferation in the inner systemic egregoric fields, that have the capacity of carrying out this fear, have the property of transferring it through. Since the main parts of the egregors have created and being created especially to transfer such values, these values do not imply fear in its pure form, in a hyperbolic form. But to give these examples just for the understanding that the energy of fear accumulated creates completely destructive formations. In the same way, it creates it in the body after a traumatic experience, illness, constant emotional stress, connected with fear, destroys the energy field, connection, and forms a certain disease, a disorder, which is then very difficult to treat and hard to restore.

The example of hyperbolic fear from the viewpoint of understanding as the processes that fear causes in the body, and each person has an individual fear platform on which those pegs, those values, the experience that a person is undergoing are based.

The basic essential contents of fear begin to be outlined in childhood up to 5-10.11 years. At this age, the operating system of your consciousness collects certain events, experiences, prototypes, which reinforce and fill up the informative beginning of the basic principles of fear, since fear – is a vector of direction, which connects the future potential properties and properties of experiences. It can be a loss of parents, it can be loneliness, it can be a disease, it can be a flawed childhood, it can be persecution, violence against the child, etc. Fear connecting to the vectors, connecting to the events, connecting to those emotional frames begins to acquire the basic equivalents that the person subsequently forgets, does not recognize, and they are embedded in his chains of experiences, being installed in its eventual reality. Going further in life, a person doesn’t even imagine and doesn’t understand that the mechanism has to be launched sooner or later will sooner or later be launched, and sooner or later it will interact with future events, with the environment, and sooner or later it will start to manifest itself either in the form diseases, or in the form of some quarrels, experiences, difficulties, in the form of conflicts, in the form of internal strife in the family, in the form of conflicts with children, with relatives and friends.

Anyways, these fears become the root cause of various problems that become basically unresolved or unresolved because of the “bookmarks” that are based on the fundamental condition of a person. Therefore, mankind has various methods for a deep analysis through hypnosis, when the hypnotist learns about the state in a childhood, trying to reveal early problems in which fears have been imposed on the very basis of a human understanding and inserted as a ticking mechanism that constantly works and activates the processes of indisposition, indignation, anxieties, and many other so-called destructive properties in the human psyche.

This is the way this system works. It releases a large amount of energy from the human psyche, from human events, from human experiences. These energies are transmitted to the systems of egregoric fields and are connected with a certain equivalent of the capture of these fields, which are a certain measure of the state of experience in general.

The position of fear is a rather multidimensional concept, if one tries to measure it from the point of view of diseases since the fear of losing one’s work can be caused by mental illnesses and somatic diseases. Fear of losing parents can cause other diseases, but if a person loses, let’s say, property, loses some power, loses some values, then, usually, these fears cause depression, cause a state of destruction of an internal fields of self-sufficiency, integrity, status of a person, which leads a person to a certain state of a disordered ideology, disordered psyche, disordered thinking. This condition causes him suffering, emotions, inner mental pain, which is colored by emotional structures, colored with destructive emotions. These emotions, like energy, create a blockage of certain energy exchange fields between not only the chakral fields, but also the energy capacities that are in the cells, and which are much larger than the chakras, and they are joined together like vessels, and emotions begin to disconnect these vessels, creating problems, diseases of internal organs.

There is no secret that fear is the main cause of many diseases, especially mental disorders, stresses, emotional stress, etc. These emotional stresses cause people to switch to the wrong diet, to switch to the wrong way of lifestyle, to shift to a wrong body and self-perception state. A person begins to gain weight when he becomes indifferent to his body, and this state is being brought up as an experience, as certain systems that create a gap in the relationship between a man and a woman, between a mother and a child, etc. All these destructions push a person to a gradual slide into a system of disharmony, an imbalance of the organism’s internal control system, as a state. With some this happens unnoticed, with some of it happens abruptly, but somehow, in the person’s base, certain dependency systems are being installed, a certain system in relation to food, in relation to habits, in relation to the lifestyle that he used to during the day, during the life.

If a person is asked – why he eats just like that, he will say – I just want it, I just desire it. But the desire, in fact, is also an interdependence, it is also a modified parameter, that is connected, also with the parameter of fear. I don’t want to say that desire is a parameter that completely dependent on fear, in some way part it has to do with the Body energy structure properties, but the properties of hunger, as the desire for appetite, the desire for food, for the most part, it is still related to the property of fear. It is the fear of losing your habits, the fear of not eating delicious food, the fear of losing a chance to sit in company with others, etc. All these fears are associated simply with habits, just with meanings, with a lifestyle. But in fact, when a person is asked to follow a diet, to lose weight, or change a lifestyle, the first thing that he has is fear. Therefore, if I derive this property in its pure form, then is the fear that fixates, the basis on which destructive habits are being based, destructive definitions of mankind. Consequently, fear itself is the cause of more than 70% of diseases of the linear type. the “linear” because there are diseases of the incarnational plan, and these diseases are created and planned by the Monada (body-energy-related structure) as a kind of experience, as a certain situation that a person needs to go through, having determined a specific disease as the condition.

But for the most part, mankind has diseases precisely because of basic fears. You ask, what to do in this situation? How to help a person or how to help me in relation to your personality, towards other people. The fact is that the essence of fears is a fairly wide, widespread category. If you look at the mind as a whole, if you look at the bottom, where the basic algorithms are located, where the values of the thought-making are formed, the thought forms, then the fear coefficients will occupy more than 70-80%, as some present values, like blotches, as modalities, as vectors. One way or another, they form the entire life of a person. Consequently, you need to get rid of fear gradually, following the path of releasing these properties, replacing them with other properties. And this is the way. But, unfortunately, almost nobody is able to do it in this way, this way is called decoding. This is the functional coding of consciousness through the writing of certain texts, through the writing of certain symbols, algorithms, when the consciousness gradually changes, gradually changes its co-participation with that properties, and frees certain fear algorithms from its involvement in the future events, from its involvement and influence on current events. Unfortunately, at the moment, this method is not being used widely, there are only rare cases. Other methods are unknown, except for frequency increase the of consciousness, methods of approaching to the frequency of the Soul or higher level of awareness.

But there are several other methods that we know of. This is the holotropic and other types of breathing, yoga. etc, which reduces the dependence of the fear properties on the fields of consciousness, making the organism energy-intensive, energy-saturated, especially the balance of energy fields, the balance of the energy intensity of the organism that creates certain protection for the person from those properties, from those fears.

Therefore, if we talk about how to protect ourselves or how to get rid of old fears, or how to minimize their influence, the answer will be the concentration of energy, energy expansion, increased vibrations of the fields of consciousness, and goal orientation towards constructive values, since any dependence on destructive properties leads a person into the  fields of fears, fields of egregores, dependence fields.

Hope it was clear enough and it gave you a certain idea of where to go to  for the inner happiness and freedom

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