Bliss and Happiness

Inner subtle joy is bliss…when inner flows are freed and you allow yourself to experience it…it comes…be in it, be it…

Bliss and Happiness is the result of a pure energy flows through our channels, in spiritual circles is known to be the nature of Devine…Let’s bring divinity closer to us, let’s make it our essence… It is in fact Feminine essence…When central channel is open and clear, chakras are well-working that Devine Female, the nature of all alive is being awakened. Is Kundalini awakening within us filling up our being with true Bliss and Happiness. Is the constant mind state of enlightened ones, and the very core of spiritual development.

We’d emphasize that tours for women, those who’s Devine feminine is waiting to be awakened, true sexuality waiting to be awakened, true mother, wife, lover, daughter, is waiting and wishing to be awakened.

There are lots of places on our beautiful planet embodied with those blissful energies, those places are the lakes, rivers, temples… most of them well connected to the natural water sources because the water if the female in nature, water if information and here we are opening and connecting our inner feminine though the water/informational codes, enhancing ourselves energetically, channeling ourselves to the true Devine feminine …bringing it back to the very depth of our being, allowing it’s flows pass through us completely until we are sure to be inseparable… From that point true Bliss and Happiness is natural part of our existence, the true loving and wise mother, wife or lover is naturally opening up, transforming our whole environment in and out. Is not an easy experience and we would have to put some efforts of meditations, yoga, breathing practices on the Power Places to get there. But be sure is fun and the most sacred activity you can give to yourself.

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    The most sacred mountain in the Tibetan Buddhist world is also considered by many to be the centre of the universe


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