Freedom and Joy

To be absolutely free and unconditionally joyful… breath freely and laugh openly! sounds like you? or striving for it? HERE WE ARE!

To be joyful is quite easy – just go to have a good company, free from stress environment and a great energy level… Do you always have it in live? Those are conditions…What about to be joyful unconditionally…always just as a matter of being? Not easy ah?

The source of joy is ………..

to find it, to discover it within yourself is the purpose of the tours focused on Joy… Yes, sometimes adrenalin could be a trigger to relax and jump to the unknown fearlessly…Again we are coming back to the fears…Unfortunately, unconscious fears are blocking our fresh minded attitude, making us to conceptualize and carefully walking through the comfort zone and never reach the point of real true unconditional joy. Digging deeper we will find that the source of the fear is clinging, we cling to our bodies, life, family, possessions etc. with no real reason of loosing… Is just inability to trust ourselves, the environment we have created… Ego-clinging is something most of the humans have, is so-called duality, collective Karmic tendency humankind carries for the thousands of years, where the whole point of evolution comes down to realize the dualistic nature of our perception, dissolve ego-clinging into the clarity and awareness…

This is the root, but let’s come back to our Joy and Freedom programs…What do we offer here? Exactly this- Freedom from conceptual thinking, fearless approach in the high-end adventures yet enough adrenalin boosting points to fight the idea of self and others… if you get there the real joy is yours… Plus you’ll have enough meditational/ mindfulness sustaining tools to keep up with that state and practice the essential points of inner freedom and joy back home.

Our programs



    The most sacred mountain in the Tibetan Buddhist world is also considered by many to be the centre of the universe


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