, Wrote on April 01, 2017

First, let’s determine the concept of time… To me is a conditional concept, first of all, which denoting the perception of the duration of the course of events in the system of consciousness. Is determined at the level of sensations in the form of duration, continuity of perceived reality, movement […]

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Wrote on January 19, 2017

Be your own Problem solver Have you noticed that most of the times whenever you get a problem a few more simultaneously come up? Why so? Because at the first place you reacted on the problem and as a result, your vibrational, level of happiness has dropped, and whatever karmic […]

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Wrote on July 01, 2016

What are the superfoods? Now days there are many discussions about so called SuperFoods? What are they? -Are the high quality, raw, organic mineral and plant based supplements. To me personally is easiest and healthiest way to nourish my body, boost energy, support immune and other body systems to prevent […]

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    The most sacred mountain in the Tibetan Buddhist world is also considered by many to be the centre of the universe


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